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I've been cosplaying for over a year now and I learned so much. I was used to cosplaying as shotas, lolis or the main otome girl or whatever girl within a group of guys. 

So it was a huge challenge for me to try out Nanase Haruka from Free! I don't have the height or the exact body/face shape. But I researched about platforms and heel inserts, started working out and dieting, playing basketball and going swimming just so I can shape up/get into a better form for Haru. Even the make up is opposite from what I usually do from girly make up or shota make up. I'm thankful to be able to cosplay with friends who don't mind about any of these. ;; I guess it shows if you really love a character and you have the resolve, you can try cosplaying a character even if you usually don't cosplay that type of character. Because in my Free group, I'm technically the shortest. XD At least, I'm not planning on cosplaying the taller guys. Haru is the second shortest so platforms and heel inserts solve the problem.

I intend on shaping up more so that in the summer, I'll be less of a shota Haru. OTL Right now I really unfortunately look like Haru from middle/elementary school. ;;; At least, my voice and expressions match. 8'D;;
  • Listening to: Splash Free!
  • Reading: Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
  • Watching: Haven't decided on what new anime to watch yet
  • Playing: Pokemon Y
  • Eating: Saba
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
This used to be an art account. But now I plan on making this both an art and cosplay account. I don't focus on art as I did back then but will occasionally still post it. I'm still quite new at cosplay. My passions: Birds, music, and art.

Completed Cosplay:
Nanase Haruka Winter Uniform Ver.-Free!
Nanase Haruka 2015 Calendar Server ver.-Free!
Nanami Haruka Maji Love 2000%-UtaPri
Sakura Chiyo-Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Asuka Taiga winter jacket-Toradora
Tsunemori Akane S2 ver.-Psycho-Pass
Casual 27 hoodie Tsuna-KHR
Future Arc Tsuna-KHR
Nanase Haruka Future Fish chef-Free!
Matsuoka Gou Summer Uniform Ver.-Free!
Future Kagura (5YL) -Gintama
Nanami Haruka Shining AllStars-UtaPri
Nanami Haruka Shining Airlines- UtaPri
Nanase Haruka Summer Uniform Ver.- Free!
Nanase Haruka Splash Free! jacket ver. -Free!
Kuroko Tetsuya Seirin Jersey and jacket version- KnB
Kuriyama Mirai Summer Uniform ver. -Kyoukai no Kanata
Kagami Rin Love is War ver. -VOCALOID
Mary-Kagerou Project
Kuroko Kindergarten teacher ver. -KnB
Tsukihiko-Zone 00
Nanase Haruka Iwatobi Jacket ver.-Free!
Matsuoka Gou Winter Uniform ver. -Free!
Nanami Haruka Alice in Wonderland ver.-UtaPri
Ririchiyo Normal ver.-Inu x Boku SS
Kuroko and Kise end card ver- KnB
Kuroko Teiko School Uniform-KnB
Tamako Winter Uniform- Tamako Market
Maka Aburn-Soul Eater
Megane Homura uniform version- Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Butler Tsuna-KHR
Semi-formal Ootoya Ittoki-UtaPri
Taki-Natsume Yuujinchou
Kuroko causal version-KnB
Yuni manga version-KHR
Haruka casual game version-UtaPri
Yui Summer Uniform Version- K-ON!
Sandplay Kagami Rin-VOCALOID
HDW + normal Sawada Tsunayoshi vs. Byakuran-KHR
Edel Blau ( Hiyoko fantasy younger version) from Hatoful Boyfriend
Anna-Project [K]
Madoka Magical Girl Version-Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Kagura Ginpachi-Sensei Version-Gintama
Chrome Namimori Chuu Uniform version-KHR
Tsunemori Akane-Psycho Pass
Chrome Winter version-KHR
HDW +Normal Tsuna suit version-KHR
Sawada Tsunayoshi winter uniform ver-KHR
Kaname Madoka Uniform ver-Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Moriyama Shiemi Uniform ver-Ao no Exorcist
Sawada Tsunayoshi TYL-KHR
Miki Sayaka Uniform ver- Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Upcoming Cosplays:

Kuroko various versions: KnB
Nanase Haruka various versions-Free!
Mirai-Kyoukai no Kanata
Goddess Madoka-Madoka
Ema-Brothers Conflict
Yui uniform ver.-K-ON!
Felicita-Arcana Famiglia
Haruka Nanami Uniform version + Shining All Star + Maji love 2000% + Shining Airlines
Kagami Rin Love is War-VOCALOID
Fujioika Haruhi-OHSHC
Watanuki Banri -Inu x Boku



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